Delfino Surrey Bike Fuchsia


Introducing the Delfino Surrey Bicycle: a masterpiece of Italian engineering, now at your fingertips. Imported directly from Italy by our family-owned business, this 4-seater Surrey Bike blends timeless charm with modern comfort. Handcrafted for durability and luxury, it promises unforgettable rides through scenic landscapes or bustling city streets. Experience the joy of Italian leisure cycling with the Delfino Surrey Bicycle - where quality, style, and family fun unite.

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  • Polyurethane, moisture resistant, foam molded seats with safety belt
  • Stainless steel features include: fenders bumpers, uprights, enclosed chain guards, and brake lever.
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • LED head lights with Protective Frame
  • Aluminum alloy floorboard
  • Four Mag Wheels each with drum brakes for better control and safety
  • Plasticized paint, to withstand increment weather
  • Padded child-seat with safety strap
  • Dual steering wheels (right side for show)
  • Sealed bearing cranks and hubs
  • High quality tubular steel frame with reinforced welding)
  • Extended Canopy for Sun Protection of Front Child's Seat
  • Arched Canopy for Rain Protection and Drainage
  • Weight Capacity of over 1200 pounds